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Intermatic is the leader in time-based energy control products. Since 1940, Intermatic has been focused on developing and manufacturing products that save energy. Known for the “yellow dial time clock”, which is still popular today, to the multi-voltage, high performance, programmable systems, we remain dedicated to providing energy savings solutions for today’s demanding needs for energy reduction.


Our offering includes a wide range of high performance energy controls used in today’s commercial, industrial and residential applications. We expanded our product offering by acquiring Grasslin Controls a global leader in modular, affordable time-based energy controls for the HVACR and OEM markets.


Today, Intermatic and Grasslin products cover the need for energy controls in the electrical, HVACR and pool and spa markets. In addition, we also offer a wide range of complementary electrical products that are designed to solve field application issues, while offering savings and convenience to the installer, and the ultimate end user. Our product range includes time based controls, photo controls, residential surge protection, weatherproof covers, low voltage transformers and HID lighting.


Intermatic is a long time advocate for energy control. We practice what we preach in energy savings and environmental stewardship. Our new manufacturing facility was designed to minimize our carbon footprint. Our heavy duty time switches and programmable in-wall timers control lighting in the office, plant and parking lot. Energy saving lighting, such as low mercury fluorescent bulbs paired with electronic ballasts, low voltage lighting and skylights are used throughout the facility to minimize energy consumption. Water used from the manufacturing process is collected, filtered and re-used in our building’s sanitation system, as well as re-circulated within the manufacturing system. Our recycling efforts include oil, paper, plastic, fluorescent lamps and metal. We continue to explore more opportunities to reduce environmental impact.


Intermatic’s products were founded on providing energy saving solutions. We continue to expand this foundation globally. Our responsibility to providing high quality, relevant, energy savings products remain true after 70 years. We are dedicated to energy management and committed to providing you with more energy conscious solutions.