OlympicControls Corp/Amperite Co.

OlympicControls Corp./Amperite Co. specialize in providing our customers with products that are manufactured to specifications that meet and/or exceed their requirements. Our goal is to provide quality, on-time deliveries while working with customers beginning with a design concept or servicing them through off the shelf inventory. Our facilities include new and old manufacturing equipment. This versatility enables us to provide harder-to-find products at a reasonable cost.

OlympicControls Corp./Amperite Co. is pleased to offer four specific, focused business units that maintain identities in separate end user applications.

Time delay relays, flashers and controlling devices

Amperite Co.: Manufactures time delay relays, flashers and controlling devices. Focus markets are electronic distribution and original equipment manufacturers. (OEM’s) Customized and special designed products are the backbone of Amperite Co.’s stability and growth.

OlympicControls Relays: Customized products manufactured to specifications dictated by our customers. Focused end users include telephone, power, Government and high technology OEM’s.

T-Bar Relay and Switches: Specific and unique product line that can switch more circuits in less space. Target customers are electronic distribution and OEM’s. Products are used in numerous critical military applications. Customers include: Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, Learjet, Halliburton, Newark InOne, Department of Defense and Gulfstream.

Fuel Pumps: Initially designed for use in military vehicles and heavy–duty trucks. The design is proven and still used today in vehicles that require high output and low-pressure fuel delivery. Focused end users are the Government and friendly nations, independent contractors and large truck & heavy machinery manufacturers.

Our Vision is to provide our customers with products and services that exceed expectations. “Under Promise and Over Deliver” has been our goal since 1922. We strive to form partnerships that result in long-term relationships and a place where business is easily done.

Our Mission is to manufacture and distribute high quality Time Delay Relays, General Purpose Relays, T-Bar Relays, Fuel Pumps and customized products.