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No one understands the demands of process industries like ATC. Our application engineers have an insider’s knowledge and bring their innovative approach to your applications. Our leading products are the epitome of reliability and designed to fit. Exactly. With ATC as your partner in process and power, you maximize efficiency, safety, and profitability.

Our Value Proposition.

We make accurate, durable automation devices you can trust. Our industrial timing controls are proven, precise, and ruggedly constructed to improve safety, add value, and help increase productivity. We maintain a large inventory so product is at the ready when you order. We help customer operations run more safely, efficiently, and productively.

Durable Products You Can Trust.

Innovation doesn’t last unless there’s execution to match. In other words, the greatest idea in the world can’t matter until it exists in reality. The two sides of ATC excel at coming up with solutions … then manufacturing products that accurately reflect that creativity.

The products of ATC are workhorses, without sacrificing precision. Yes, you can have durability and delicacy. The thousands of ATC products in the field prove it every day.

Made of the finest materials, by the finest engineering and manufacturing minds, to the exacting standards relied upon industry-wide, ATC in an application means accurate, repeatable results. Time and time again.

Safety, Value, and Productivity.

Can a product improve safety, increase productivity and still be offered at a great value? It can when decades of engineering and manufacturing expertise are behind it.

Automation continues to be at the heart of modern industry, keeping operations running smoothly, monitoring expensive equipment for signs of potential trouble, and triggering next steps in critical processes. But automation is only as good as the products powering it. Automatic Timing & Controls and ATC Diversified Electronics make durable, reliable, and accurate devices to count, protect, and control, so you always know what’s coming next.

In environments where electricity, hazardous materials, heavy machinery, and other dangers are present, it is vital to choose precision timing and control products engineered for life and manufactured to exacting standards.