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Entering our fifth decade of business, Diversified Electronics continues the tradition of reliable motor protection & alternating relay products as part of the ATC Automatic Timing & Controls organization. As a leader in solid state control products, Diversified Electronics pioneered the first Phase Monitor Relay designed to protect 3-phase equipment from adverse conditions such as Phase Loss (single phasing), Under Voltage (brown-outs), and Phase Reversal (improper sequence).

Long known for engineering expertise, quality at ATC Diversified Electronics starts with the product design. Diversified products are developed using the component technologies. Only manufacturers’ components which have been thoroughly screened and tested by engineering are incorporated. No “equivalent” low cost components are substituted under any circumstances. Compromising on this issue would compromise product reliability.

ATC Diversified Electronics offers a wide array of 3-phase Monitor Relays, Alternating and Time Delay Relays. From the inexpensive (and most popular) SLA Series of 8-pin plug-in devices to the more sophisticated Microprocessor-based SLM Series or the latest SLU Universal Phase Monitor, ATC Diversified Electronics has a solution for all 3-phase systems (Delta or Wye).

The most recent innovation from ATC Diversified is the UPA130 Universal Power Alert. Mounted in the door of a control panel and wired to the main disconnect or breaker, the UPA130 provides a visual indication of the presence of voltage in the panel. Powered by the same voltage it is detecting, this NFPA 70E compliant safety device helps reduce arc flash and electrocution risks.