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Engineering and Product Development

CBI-electric: low voltage is the only African manufacturer of circuit breakers and residual current devices. CBI-electric: low voltage has achieved international recognition for its competence and continues to represent the South African Bureau of Standards on the technical committees of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), thus being instrumental in the development of international electrical safety standards.


From the early 1960s CBI-electric: low voltage began to invest in its own product development, resulting in locally developed sensitive residual current devices, circuit breakers for equipment, miniature circuit breakers and, more recently, moulded case circuit breakers utilising the Hydraulic Magnetic operating principle.


CBI-electric: low voltage has a substantial design and development capability with approximately 4% of the staff being employed in the R&D department. They include highly skilled professional engineers, technologists and technicians, who have won many national design awards over the last two decades.


Manufacturing and Assembly

Situated at the Southern tip of Africa and remote from the technical and industrial hubs of the world, it has always been necessary for CBI-electric: low voltage to be a fully vertically integrated company that manufactures most of the components, sub-assemblies and requisite tooling in-house. The resulting depth of manufacture has afforded CBI-electric: low voltage full control over the quality of its products.


This includes the design and manufacture of specialised tooling for press parts and mouldings, as well as purpose-built automation equipment. All manufacturing facilities are maintained using state-of-the-art technology.


Quality - a part of CBI-electric: low voltage culture

Internationally recognised quality standards ensure that products meet the most demanding requirements. All operations within the company are certified to ISO 9001 and EN 29001.


Annually CBI-electric: low voltage invests substantially in the training of people to ensure that quality systems are maintained and effectively implemented.


All CBI-electric: low voltage products are markbearing and approvals are audited periodically by local and international standards authorities, such as the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS), VDE, UL, CSA, BS, CCEE, AS etc.