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Our mission is to be the number 1 lighting supplier in quality, innovation and customer service. “Where innovation comes to light”.


The company’s goal is to operate as a vertically integrated, highly automated manufacturer providing “one stop” lighting solutions for its customers’ lighting requirements.


A multidisciplinary approach is taken to ensure that each product meets or exceeds critical requirements for light output, functional design, energy consumption and service life in every different market. By combining global resources with local and specialized response, CML Innovative Technologies addresses customer needs precisely, completely and cost-effectively.


Continually enhancing design and manufacturing technologies enables CML Innovative Technologies to offer its worldwide customer base an ever-wider range of products and services.


"Our corporate strategy is aimed at continuously improving our performance by leveraging worldwide synergies, providing innovative solutions and improving our global cost competitiveness. We are committed to our customers as a full service supplier.” states Paul J. Griswold, CEO SLI Holdings International LLC.


"The integration of our world class processes and leading edge technologies has positioned us to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers. We firmly believe our future success will be based on continuing to surprise and delight our customers with innovative design, world-class service, and globally competitive pricing" said Paul Flynn, President of CML Innovative Technologies.