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Crouzet (pronounced cruise-A) started operations in the US in 1978. A global company of about $180 M, Crouzet , headquarted in France, counts now about 2000 workers in more than 14 countries. Once composed of sub-fractional HP motors, switches (miniature snap-action, digital, and limit), timers and pneumatic control components the product offering was enlarged thanks to two major acquisitions that helped Crouzet to become a major player in the US market for automation and industrial controls:


1989.... Syrelec (Timers & Control Relays in the “famous orange cases”, Counters, and Sensors)


1992.... Gordos (Solid State Relays, Reed Relays, I/O Modules and Mounting Boards).


Today, our product line has grown to include safety components for machinery and Programmable micro-controllers. The Syrelec and Gordos brand names have now been phased out as our customer base has grown accustomed to the Crouzet identity. Crouzet is now known as a specialist brand, and is focused on added value and customization for integrators and equipment manufacturers and serves markets such as Medical, Aerospace, Elevators & Lifts, Food Processing, Lighting, Water treatment, Entertainment, Plastic Injection/Extrusion, and Office Equipment. Major customers such as Wel Bilt, Milacron, Kodak, Dover - Thyssen/Krupp Elevator, and XEROX have come to rely on Crouzet for exceptional value and reliability in products, service, and technical support.


Crouzet products are sold through a nationwide network of 350+ distributor locations and are supported by a staff of thirty district sales managers & rep firms, two national sales managers, five distributor sales managers, and one national distribution manager. Our sales office in Coppell, Texas provides sales support with applications engineering, product management, and customer service.


Our six state-of-the-art manufacturing locations allow us to better respond to the global requirements of our customers without sacrificing quality or response time;


  • Puebla, Mexico; 41,200 sq. ft. - Solid State Relays, Digital I/O Modules, Timers, & Electronic Controls
  • Bourguebus, France; 61,500 sq. ft. - Automation Controls & Safety Modules
  • La Plaine, France; 90,600 sq. ft. - Switches & Pneumatics
  • Ales, France; 110,000 sq. ft. - Motors
  • Barcelona, Spain; 8,300 sq. ft. - Telephone Switchboards
  • Casablanca, Morocco; Assembly of Functional Sub-Assemblies