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RTE Series - Multi-Function Timers

IDEC Corporation hereby announces a part number replacement, enhancement and consolidation for the RTE series of multi-function timers


The new RTE timers have improved functions and are much easier to use. They now have 20 selectable time ranges from 0.1 second to 600 hours, allowing for a wide range of timing requirements. Input voltage ranges have also been expanded to provide more flexibility. The new timers are now rated for 100 to 240V AC, 24V AC/DC, or 12V DC depending upon the model.


The color of the LED lamp indicating when power is "on" has been changed from red to green and the LED light indicating when output is "on" is now orange, instead of red. The mode setting and time range setting switches, as well as the visual scale, are now rotary switches making them easier and simpler to set.


The new RTE timers are UL-listed, c-ULlisted, and CE marked. The updated RTE timers are still available in two models (the power triggered and signal triggered), but with expanded operation modes now being offered:


Power Triggered: (Group 1)


  • A: On Delay
  • B: Interval
  • C: Cycle (off first)
  • D: Cycle (on first)


Signal Triggered: (Group 2)


  • A: On Delay
  • B: Cycle (off first)
  • C: Cycle (on first)
  • D: Signal On/OFF Delay
  • E: OFF Delay
  • F: One-Shot


Along with the new features, the RTE timers are available with the same tubular pin or .187" solder/quick connect plug-in terminals and can be mounted in plug-in sockets or with the optional panel mount adaptor.


On the reverse is a list of the old part numbers and their replacements.