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World's Safest Switches - the XA and XW Series E-Stops!

IDEC is very excited to announce two new Emergency Stop switches, the XA and XW. These two series of E-Stops exceed international safety standards, employ innovative technology and have several unique features that make them the world's safest switch!


The emergency stop button is a critical component on any machine because its failure can have severe implications. A malfunction can cause equipment damage, personal injury, down time, etc., and may even lead to catastrophic failures like fi res and life-threatening accidents. Malfunctions caused by dislocation of the contact blocks can occur due to improper installation of the switch, accidental removal of the contact block, improper wiring, and even from vibration during transportation of the fi nished product.


Safety Standards

To reduce the risk of potential disaster, IDEC has designed the XA and XW series E-Stop switches. They reduce the impact of these failures, and not only comply with recent international safety standards (ISO13850 and EN60947-5-5), but actually exceed the safety standards by automatically turning off when a part fails or the contact block and the actuator are improperly installed.


  • IDEC's innovative "safe break action" ensures all NC contacts open if the contact block is separated from the operator
  • Push-to-lock, Pull and Turn-to-reset function built into same unit
  • The depth behind the panel is only 48.7mm for 4 contacts (XW Series)
  • Direct opening action mechanism (IEC60947-5-5, 5.2, IEC60947-5-1, Annex K)
  • Safety lock mechanism (IEC60947-5-5, 6.2)
  • Degree of protection IP65 (IEC60529)
  • Solder or PCB terminal options (XA Series)
  • Screw terminal is fi nger-safe (IP20) with optional cover (XW Series)
  • Two button sizes: 40mm and 60mm (XW Series)
  • UL, c-UL approved, EN compliant