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Discontinuation Notice for SA1C Self-Contained Miniature Photoelectric Sensors

IDEC officially announces the discontinuation of the SA1C series of self-contained miniature photoelectric sensors effective December 15, 2004.


All distributors are strongly recommended to review existing SA1C accounts and order units as deemed necessary in advance.


For replacements, please refer to the SA1E series of sensors. The SA1E is very competitively priced and flexible enough to be used in a variety of industries and operations. They are extremely compact at 31.5mm tall, 19.5mm wide, and 10.8mm deep. There are 32 different models available with four sensing methods; through beam, polarized retroreflective, diffuse-reflective, and small-beam reflective styles of detection.


The SA1E sensors have long sensing ranges and a high-speed response time of 1 ms making it one of the fastest and most adaptable sensors on the market. All are CE marked and IP67 (NEMA 6) rated making the SA1E sensor dust tight and water-resistant for industrial cleaning and maintenance. With advanced interference protection circuitry (except for the through-beam type) these sensors can be mounted very close together without affecting their performance.


Each SA1E model also has several options. You can choose NPN or PNP outputs, and light ON or dark ON sensing modes and fixed cable or M8 removable connector types which allows for easy maintenance installation or replacement of either an amplifier or cable.


Accessories include brackets for horizontal or vertical mounting, slits for through-beam type sensors, reflectors for polarized retroreflective types, and M8 quick connector cables for the connector type