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IDEC news: Introducing New Analog Module.



IDEC Corporation now offers two new analog expansion I/O modules with fast conversion times and 16-bit resolution. Combined with the MicroSmart or MicroSmart Pentra PLCs, customers get the power and flexibility they need for the most demanding control systems


In the past, sales opportunities were limited because we only offered a PLC system with a maximum of 14 analog inputs and 7 analog outputs. Well that was then and this is now! With the addition of these new analog expansion modules, IDEC can aggressively compete with other manufacturers even when applications require as many as 56 analog I/Os for their control systems (with a maximum of 7 analog modules).


With the addition of these high density modules, IDEC is able to offer better features for less money. Most competitors can only offer 12-bit resolution. IDEC not only offers a 16-bit resolution, but is also one of the only companies offering an 8-channel input module at such a competitive price (see Comparison Chart on back of announcement).


An 8-channel 0-10V DC/4-20mA input module, as well as a 2-channel -10 to +10VDC/4- 20mA output module are available to give systems the accuracy and precision customers want. We are confident these new analog modules will meet customer demand for increased system throughput, while opening up new and exciting opportunities for IDEC in the PLC market.




  • NEW! 8-channel 0-10V DC/4-20mA input module
  • NEW! 2-channel -10 to +10VDC/4-20mA output module
  • NEW! 16-bit resolution
  • NEW! Configure up to 56 analog I/Os
  • NEW! Fast conversion times
  • NEW! Competitive pricing