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Want MORE panel space for LESS? New 10- and 15-Watt Slim Line Power Supplies


When customers need a way to save panel space while keeping costs low, IDEC Slim Line power supplies are the answer! With the new PS5R-SB 10W and15W Slim Line power supplies, not only can you offer the exact wattage the customer needs at a lower cost, but also the benefit of a slim design. Just 90mm x 22.5mm x 95mm, saving panel space.


PS5R-SB is the newest addition to the award-winning IDEC Slim Line power supplies. Available in three output voltages— 5V DC in 10W and 12V and 24V DC in 15W—whichever customers choose, the lightweight, compact design is only half the size of standard DIN rail power supplies and has the best efficiency for only 22.5mm wide. A variety of mounting directions also provide needed flexibility within a panel.


All PS5R-SB Slim Line series are UL508 Listed, allowing for 100% full load operation and eliminating the need to oversize or derate the power supply. UL 1604 standard, and Class 1 Div. 2, PS5R-SB models are also great for hazardous locations. PS5R-SB power supplies are NEC Class2 rated, and have worldwide approvals, universal input voltage and overload protection.


Like all IDEC switching power supplies, the PS5R Slim Line series are fast and easy to install. IDEC power supplies can quickly snap onto a DIN rail or directly mount on a panel with an additional accessory. Fingersafe spring-up screw terminals are shock and vibration resistant and also allow easy installation of ring lugs. So don’t wait. Give customers the power they need, for less cost and less space!




  • NEW! Available in 10W (5VDC) and 15W (12VDC, 24VDC)
  • NEW! Slim design is only 22.5mm in width
  • Universal input voltages: 85-264V AC/100-370V DC
  • Fingersafe spring-up screw terminal type
  • Approved for Class 1 Div. 2 hazardous locations
  • Equipped with operation Indicator (DC ON) and output voltage low indicator (DC LOW)
  • DIN rail or panel mount
  • CE marked, TUV, c-UL, UL508, UL1604, UL1310 Class 2