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MicroSmart and MicroSmart Pentra can now be used on land or sea!


With ABS approval and Lloyd’s Register, IDEC MicroSmart and MicroSmart Pentra PLCs are now certifi ed for use in marine vessels and offshore structures.


These approvals make it possible for IDEC MicroSmart PLCs to be utilized in marine applications, especially in engine room control. MicroSmart has always meant speed, fl exibility and power, but now with these approvals, it means adaptability too! IDEC continues to increase our PLC market share and now our market presence within the marine industry as well.


The MicroSmart Pentra packs tons of features into a small footprint to create a powerful controller with a response time up to 16 times faster than leading competitors’ PLCs.


To meet customer demands for extremely precise operation, the MicroSmart Pentra supports double-word and fl oating point math. With the power of 32-bit data processing, the MicroSmart Pentra can capture and store values in the billions and compute data accurate to seven decimal places. Floating point capability is compatible to IEEE 754 standards.


The MicroSmart Pentra also has built-in high speed inputs and outputs, and supports 32- bit data processing. Four high speed counters and three high speed pulse outputs can be confi gured up to 100kHz.


PLCs need to be able to communicate effectively with the entire application, so the MicroSmart Pentra can communicate with the most common protocols. Modbus master and slave are built-in to every model. RS485, AS-interface networking, and Ethernet networking are all available through simple expansion modules. The MicroSmart Pentra can accommodate up to a total of seven communication ports.




  • NEW! ABS Approval
  • NEW! Lloyd’s Register
  • Logic Engine processor makes the slim CPU the fastest PLC in its class
  • Built-in Modbus Master/Slave
  • Supports double-word and fl oating point math operations
  • Embedded high-speed 100kHz inputs and outputs
  • Field-upgradeable firmware
  • Up to 7 communication ports
  • cULus Listed for Class 1 Division 2 Hazardous Locations, CE Marked, RoHS compliant