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New non-contact, interlock switches cover all your safety needs for less!

IDEC safety interlock switches perform the same functions as standard mechanical safety interlock switches, but are designed to be used in applications where no contact is desired between the switch and its actuating key, and space is at a premium.


Common applications for non-contact interlock switches include those where:


  • No contaminants can be trapped in or around devices, such as food & beverage and pharmaceutical applications
  • A precise door guide is not possible
  • There is zero operating force, such as lightweight or plexiglass doors, where cracking or breakage is possible with standard mechanical safety interlocks
  • When there are alignment issues with the switch and actuating keys
  • Doors are subject to heavy vibration
  • A standard mechanical safety interlock switch would be more difficult to clean, such as a wash down application


Compact Magnetic Safety Switches

At just 7 x 16 x 51 (mm), the HS7A-DMC safety switches work well in combination with our safety relay modules, making them the smallest Category 4 device available!


3-contact Magnetic Safety Switches

The HS7A-DMP interlock safety switches have up to three contacts and provide a highquality, space-saving product at a competitive price. The auxiliary contacts enable PLCs to monitor the door status as operation signals can be read directly by controllers.


RFID Safety Switches

Category 4 and PLe compliant, the HS3A non-contact RF1D safety switches ensure detection of slow-moving, open, sliding and rattling doors. Multicode and unicode sensor heads are available, preventing tampering with the use of an unassigned spare actuator, and allowing installation in five directions. Designed for use in areas where a high level of tamper resistance and safety is required, HS3A is suitable for almost anywhere where safety and reliability is of the utmost concern.



  • Compact non-contact safety interlock switches
  • Category 4 compliant
  • Easy installation
  • Degree of protection: IP67