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Forget the Lithium battery. All NEW Batteryless PLC stores values permanently!

The embedded Ethernet MicroSmart Pentra with web server functions already boasts powerful features that no competitor in the micro PLCs market can match, but with the addition of two batteryless models, it surpasses them all!


With most PLCs, dynamic values are stored and backed up by a rechargeable lithium battery. In most instances, this battery can only back up data for up to 30 days when the PLC is not powered, otherwise all data will be reset. Not only that, but most lithium battery only last up to 5 years. In that case the battery needs to be replaced or in some cases the entire unit.


Thanks to the MRAM memory designed into our new FC5A controllers, these limitations are a thing of the past! Values can now be stored permanently to eliminate the hassle and worry of losing dynamic and preloaded data. This makes them ideal for applications that need to retain critical data permanently, beyond the 30 days and limited life expectancy of a backup lithium battery.


With an embedded 10/100Mbps RJ45 ethernet port and remote connectivity, communication can also be done at a faster speed. These controllers support Modbus TCP, while maintaining the capability to send up to 255 email messages with dynamic data and having an easy-to-configure user web page. These PLCs can be configured to communicate with WindLDR software, IE/Firefox/Safari web browsers, WindSRV OPC software, HG operator interface, and Modbus TCP, all at the same time. Up to 14 simultaneous connections can be established.


The new embedded Ethernet MicroSmart Pentra with MRAM is available in two CPU models with 12 I/O configurations (8 DC inputs and 4 transistor sink or source outputs) and compatible with current WindLDR software. All existing FC4A and FC5A expansion modules and accessories are compatible. As standard on the slim CPU, up to fifteen expansion modules can be configured for a maximum of 492 I/O.




  • MRAM memory eliminates backup battery
  • Embedded Ethernet
  • Modbus TCP, RTU and ASCII
  • Dynamic user web page
  • Email/Text message alerts
  • USB programming port
  • 14 simultaneous connections
  • 128KB memory cartridge