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Johnson Electric is one of the world's largest providers of motion subsystems and motion components for automotive and industrial applications. Over the years, we have shipped billions of motion products to more than thirty countries in hundreds of different applications. Johnson Electric has an annual production capacity of over one billion motors and motion subsystems. The Group structure consists of a number of operating divisions & business units focused on their particular customer application or product segment.


The Group’s motion systems, motors and switches businesses are managed through three operating divisions: Automotive Products Group, Industry Products Group and Johnson Medtech.


The Automotive Products Group (APG) is focused on providing customized motion solutions for all major automotive applications. APG goes to market under three product brands: Saia-Burgess for custom actuators; GATE for engine cooling fan modules; and Johnson Motor for DC motors and brushless DC motors.


The Industry Products Group (IPG) provides motion products and solutions for various commercial and industrial application sectors, including home appliances, power tools, business equipment, personal care products, medical equipment, building automation, security, audio-visual and other industrial products. IPG goes to market under seven product brands: Johnson Motor for DC motors, AC motors and BLDC motors; Saia Motor for stepper motors and synchronous motors; Ledex and Dormeyer for solenoids; and Saia, Bär, Burgess, th-contact brands for switches.


Johnson Medtech is an ISO13485 certified designer and manufacturer of motion related products for the medical device industry. The focus of Johnson Medtech is primarily in subsystem for medication delivery systems, surgical robotics and image guided surgery.


Supporting these three business units is the Components & Services division which produces metal and plastic parts, tooling and production equipment for the Group. Johnson Electric is a highly vertically integrated business that manufactures an exceptionally wide range of components that form the basis for its final products. We make magnets, bearings, shafts, housings, laminations, commutators and die cast parts. We also build tools, assembly fixtures, plastic molds as well as armature winding and other production machines.


Supporting our customers worldwide are sixteen R&D centres located in Hong Kong (China), Shenzhen (China), Shanghai (China), Nagano (Japan), Yokneam (Israel), Asti (Italy), Murten (Switzerland), Halver (Germany), Dresden (Germany), Oldenburg (Germany), Isle of Wright (Parlex), San Jose (USA), Methuen (USA), Vandalia (USA), Springfield (USA) and Plymouth (USA).


The Group also includes a number of complementary subsidiary companies. These include an innovative provider of flexible printed circuits and interconnect solutions; a successful niche player in the programmable controls industry; and a rapidly growing China auto parts business.