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Card Reader Selection Guide
Card Reader Complete Catalog
Complete catalog for the following part numbers: HNF, V3TU, HNW, HSR, HZR, V3A, V3B, MCR, V2AF, MKW, MM, MZ, MPW, MVF / MVS, SBR, SBRN, SGR, V4AF, V4BF, V4CD / IF, V4DF, V4HF, SCR, SHR, XR7A, XR7B
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Power Supply Selection Guide
S8TS100, S8T-DCBU, S8VS, S82K, S82J, S8PS, S82D, S82H, S82F, S82L, S82S, S8E1, S8E3, S82R, S82G, S82V
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UL508 Power Supply Flyer
Omron is the first supplier to produce UL508 approved 300W and 600W power supplies. This gives us the industry's widest range of power supplies (3W to 600W) and output voltages (5V, 12V, 15V and 24V) that meet UL508 criteria. Use Omron's UL508 approved power supplies to reduce costs, decrease wiring and installation times, and increase design flexibility and panel space.
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Power Supply Complete Catalog
Complete Catalog for Series: S8TS100, S8T-DCBU, S8VS, S82K, S82J, S8PS, S82D, S82H, S82F, S82L, S82S, S8E1, S8E3, S82R, S82G, S82V
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Pushbuttons, Switches and Pilot Devices Brochure
Omron offers a broad product line, worldwide delivery coordination and single-point customer service support Design your machine controls to give operators a confident feel and quick grasp of status using Omron's wide range of pushbutton and selector switches, pilot devices and emergency stop switches.
Pushbuttons Complete Catalog
Pushbutton Switch / Pilot Lights, Buzzers, Key-Type Selector Switch Knob-Type Selector Switch, Pushbutton Switches - 22mm, Pilot Lights - 22mm, Enabling Switch A4E
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Relay Catalog Selection Guide
G3VM PCB Mount, G3VM SMT, G3VM SOP, G3VM SSOP, G5A, G5V-1, G6H, G6J-Y, G6K, G6L, G5V-2, G6A, G6S, G6E, G6W, G6Y, G6Z, G6K-RF, G5PA, G5SB, G6D, G6M, G2RG, G5B, G6B, G6RN, G5LE, G5Q, G6C, G4W, G5C, G2R, G2RL, G4A, G8PT, G8QN, G8QW, G8H, G8HN, G8JN, G8W, G8QFL, MY4H, MK, MY, LY, G4B, G7J, G7L, MGN, MJN, G3MB, G3MC, G3R I/O, G3M, G3TB, G3TC, G3NE, G3NA, G3PB
Solid State Relay Users Guide
SSR stands for Solid State Relay. First marketed in the 1970's, SSRs have recently become very popular for the following reasons. . As a means of creating no-contact relays in output power sections accompanying conversion of control circuits to ICs. . As a means of increasing service life and reducing maintenance.
Relay Complete Catalog
A Complete Catalog of all Omron Relay Data Sheets.
G3VM MOSFET Relay Brochure
Omron's G3VM-LR Series MOS FET relays have an ON-Resistance as low as 1 ohm and an output capacity of 1 pF and even less. This small wonder gives your equipment greater accuracy, reliability and performance. Measuring only 2 mm wide, 4.2 mm long and 1.8 mm high, the G3VM-LR Series gives designers the ability to reduce overall equipment and instrumentation size.
G6 High Quality, High Performance, High Frequency Relay Brochure
Omron's High Frequency Relays help give your products the needed edge to win new business in today's demanding marketplace
G6K Relay Brochure
Presenting the G6K, a miniature relay that only the world's leader in relay technology and sales could produce.The G6K's innovative design condenses Omron's extensive experience and responsiveness to industry demands into a tiny, extremely sensitive and highly efficient package.
G6S Surface Mount Relay Brochure
True surface mount, low signal relay ¥ Unique multi-bend lead frame design ¥ Exceptional, long term solder joint reliability by means of longer leads
Solid State Relays Brochure
Take advantage of Solid State Relay's (SSR's) long service life and fast response times for your process control applications. Omron offers industry-standard models as well as slim trackmount models with built-in heat sinks.
id State Relays Selection Guide
G3NH, G3NA, G3NE, G3B/BD, G3H/HD, G3F/FD, G3CN, G3M, G3MB, G3S/SD, G3DZ, G3TB, G3R, G3J, G3PB, G3VM, G3TA, G3MC, G3PA
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DIP Switch Selection Guide
A6A, A6C, A6D / DR, A6E / ER, A6H, A6T / A6S
Sealed Snap Action Selection Guide
D2FW-G Sealed, D2HW Sealed, D2JW Sealed, D2SW Sealed, D2VW Sealed
Special Purpose Selection Guide
A8L, D2X, D3C, D3K
Tactile Switch Selection Guide
B3F, B3FS, B3M, B3S, B3SN, B3W, B3WN
Thumbwheel Switch Selection Guide
A7BL, A7BS, A7CN, A7D, A7DP, A7F
Unsealed Snap Action Selection Guide
A, D2F Micro-voltage/current load, D2F Standard, D2F Low-force, D2T, D3M, D3V, SS-01, SS-5, SS-10, V-15G, V-10G, VX-5, VX-0.1, X, Z-15G, Z-15H
Switches Complete Catalog
Dip Switch, Half-pitch DIP Switch, Rotary DIP Switch, Thumbwheel Switch, SCSI Thumbwheel Switch, Miniature Rocker Switch, Ultra-low Profile Dome Array, Tactile Switch, Tactile Switch (SMD), Basic Switch, Snap Action Switch.......
Switches - Limit Complete Catalog
Diverse General-Purpose Limit Switch, Safety Limit Switch, Slim Enclosed Limit Switches, Slim Connector-Ready Limit Switches, Manual Reset Limit Switch, Locking Safety-Door Switch, Miniature Enclosed Limit Switch, Tactile Switch, Enclosed Switch, Multiple Plunger Limit Switch, Robust General-Purpose Limit Switch, Enclosed Limit Switches