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Panduit is a world-class manufacturer committed to innovation and excellence. We have continually lived up to that commitment with the help of superior people, the latest equipment and future-oriented management. Today, Panduit is recognized as a leading manufacturer of high-quality products for wiring and communications applications. We are also known for innovative products that offer maximum reliability at the lowest total installed cost. This reputation gives us a powerful advantage in today's competitive worldwide marketplace.


History of Growth

Through the years, Panduit has grown steadily, becoming an industry leader. With sales over $400 million, 3,500 employees and more than two million square feet of facilities. Panduit has grown from its initial headquarters facility in the Chicago suburb of Tinley Park, IL, to multiple U.S. locations, as well as plants and sales subsidiaries throughout the world.


A World of Panduit Products for Expanding World Markets

Panduit produces an ever-growing variety of wiring and communication products and systems that are used throughout the world.


Major products include network cabling systems, cable ties, wiring accessories, surface raceway and wiring duct, terminals, power connectors, installation tooling, identificationproducts, heat shrink products and communication connectors.


Products for Many Applications

Panduit products are sold in many markets - telecommunications, original equipment manufacturers, construction, utilities, maintenance and repair operations and office/factory automation.


Our leadership position is maintained by an aggressive new product introduction program - the result of an annual investment of 8-9% of sales in research and development.