Standex Electronics is a worldwide market leader in the design, development, and manufacture of standard reed switch-based solutions & custom magnetics and power conversion components and assemblies. Through customer-first attitude, and our collaborative approach, we help customers win in the market. The problems we solve through engineering parts that go into automobiles, airplanes, medical devices, appliances, HVAC, food service, hydraulics, and more allow for cars to start, planes to fly, stoves to heat, refrigerators to cool, pipes to flow, and humans, homes, and companies to use water, power, and other resources more efficiently.


What we do


  • Partner with customers’ engineering departments to solve problems and deliver innovative solutions
  • Provide responsive engineering designs for custom electronic components, assemblies, and controls.
  • Incorporate other sensor technologies into our flexible business model and expand our solution set


What we believe


Through our approach of partner, solve, and deliver® – in tandem with our values of how we operate through all we lead, our aim is to pivot our customers forward as a long-term strategic partner. Delivering to our promises of excellence, highest-quality, and reliable engineering, design, and products are key to our customer’s and Standex Electronics success. Beyond the business elements, we also strive to be of benefit to our employees with their careers and to their families, and of positive impact to the communities we reside in.