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Since 1968, Wamco has grown to quickly become the world leader in advanced light sciences, NVIS materials, optical filters, and lighting solutions and components. We have been proudly serving the military, defense, aerospace, and transportation industries.



With more than 40 years of experience in the lighting industry, Wamco has become the premier supplier of light sources to the aviation, aerospace and defense industries. Almost every commercial airline worldwide uses Wamco products for both interior and exterior illumination. Applications range from cockpit lighting to landing lights.


Our reputation for quality is based on understanding each lighting technology, the application and, most importantly, the needs of each customer. Whether it is the aviation, marine, transportation, general lighting, electronic or signage industry, you can find Wamco's products lighting the way.



If you are looking for a high-quality and dependable source for illumination and indication, Wamco has a product to support your exact application. We provide lighting solutions in many areas including appliance, industrial and medical, as well as the instrumentation and control industries making us the ideal source for your lighting requirements.



Wamco?s solid-state LED-based lighting products have been providing superior quality and high brightness lighting solutions to the signage industry throughout America. Whether your requirements are for indoor or outdoor signage, our energy-saving and innovative products continue to provide the best total solution to suit your unique needs. Of course, all of Wamco's signage products meet the required regulatory approvals.



Wamco has been a major supplier of lighting products to the marine industry for several decades, providing solutions that cover a broad range of applications. From interior and exterior lighting of cruise ships to navigational lighting in channel marker buoys, our products include incandescent, halogen and LED light sources, all of which perform to the highest standards of quality and reliability.



Wamco offers a wide assortment of high-performance products used for general illumination. From conventional incandescent lamps to DOE award winning and Energy Star approved LED lamps, our products provide features and benefits that will exceed your expectations.



Regardless of how you travel, you can always find Wamco lighting solutions illuminating your path. Wamco?s extensive line of lighting products allows us to support virtually every segment of the transportation industry, including rail, truck, automotive and bus. Whatever your needs may be, you can count on Wamco to supply you with the highest quality and most reliable lighting.