Alps Electric Co., Ltd. has developed the SKRN Series of TACT switches with a profile of 0.9 mm, the thinnest in the industry, in a double-action configuration. Sample shipments will begin in late December 2001.


Shipments of digital still cameras are increasing steadily in response to overwhelming market demand for their increasingly higher resolutions, smaller and thinner bodies and wider variety of models. Domestic shipments of digital cameras from January to June 2001 surpassed those for conventional cameras, and are expected to continue growing.


The SKRN Series of TACT switches were developed for shutter button applications for digital still and video cameras.


These digital cameras automatically focus and survey the shot with a light press of the shutter button, and record an image when the shutter is fully depressed. Compatible with this type of application, the SKRN Series of TACT switches feature double action (two-stage movement) with two contact points in one circuit comprising upper and lower blade spring contact points.


Thanks to the Company's proprietary molding technology, the SKRN Series boasts the industry's thinnest profile of 0.9 mm made possible through changes to the molding process and insulation sheet materials. Compared with the Company's SKQA Series of double-action TACT switches, the SKRN Series offers an approximately 55% thinner profile, allowing set manufacturers to create more compact devices. The SKRN Series is approximately 40% thinner than other company products. In addition, the SKRN Series boasts a longer life cycle of 30,000 cycles, or 1.5 times that of previous products, through new shape employed on the upper blade spring contact point.


Owing to its double-action and compact dimensions of 6.0 mm (W) x 6.0 mm (D) x 0.9 mm (H), the SKRN series is compatible with various input needs of set manufacturers, including screen scroll buttons with two speeds for mobile phones and mobile information terminals, as well as digital cameras.