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Rotary Type Power Switch with Signal Circuitry Developed SDKU Series



2-in-1 switch (power & mode selection) with a high-qualtiy sense of operational touch.


  • Excellent operating feel.
  • Integrated a 5 bit absolute encoder with the power switch
  • Adopted contact with no cadminium




  • Main power supply + mode selection of washing machine and dryer.


Typical Specifications


Power Switch


Items Specifications
ENEC (Europe union safety standard) 16(6)A 250V AC
Ratings satisfying local electrical appliance and material safety law 125V 16A≠
Operating life (At the rated load) 10,000 cycles (16(6)A 250V AC)


Power Switch


ng (max.) (Resistive load)
0.1A 12V DC
Contact resistance (Initial performance / After lifetime)
1Ω max. / 1Ω max.
Operating life
Without load
30,000 cycles
With load
30,000 cycles (0.1A 12V DC)